Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MSM Diary: When Ratings Don't Come Your Way, Try Starting A Race War (the Henry Lewis Gates story) pt 1

CNN has been lagging so far behind in cable news ratings that they started scandalizing the benign long ago, much as the Hearst-era dailies of the past did in order to drum up sales. What is nothing more than a silly story of a grown man acting like a child makes national news under the special banner, "Divided Nation".

Where there is nothing more here than the division of people who appreciate a neighbor being concerned enough to call police when witnessing two people breaking into a nearby house versus those who ignore such things like the bystander effect noted in the famous Genovese case, CNN tries to amplify this embarrassing case of overrreaction by a grey-haired professor ("Yeah, I'll speak with your mama outside", indeed) into a national case in order to portray America as something it isn't: broken.

But as the famous news publishers of the past have bellowed, "The American people don't know what to think until I TELL THEM WHAT TO THINK."

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