Friday, January 21, 2011

Islamofile 012111: More Examples From The Religion Of Peace (The Harry Potter Star Case)

She was punched, dragged by her hair and threatened with death by her big brother, but Harry Potter star Afshan Azad begged the court not to jail him.

Azad, 21, who stars as Harry's classmate Padma Patil in the J.K. Rowling movie franchise, had her original police statement read in the U.K.'s Manchester Crown Court, which revealed how her 28-year-old brother, Ashraf Azad, put her through a three-hour nightmare when he discovered she was dating a non-Muslim man.

So why did she ask the judge for leniency?

According to a letter Ashraf had written to the judge, the actress had "forgiven" her brother for the incident.

Back in May 2010, after he overheard her speaking to her Hindu boyfriend, Ashraf grabbed her hair, threw her across the room and punched her repeatedly. She suffered bruising and swelling and fled the house through her bedroom window.

But the judge had no sympathy for him, sentencing him to six months in prison after he pled guilty to beating his sister.

"This is a sentence that is designed to punish you for what you did and also to send out a clear message to others that domestic violence involving circumstances such as have arisen here cannot be tolerated," he explained as he handed down the sentence.

Afshan's father, Abdul Azad, was recently cleared for making death threats against her.(source)

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