Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When Idiots Elect Idiots, We Get The Congressional Black Caucus (Cuban visit, 040809)

Witness the sheer stupidity of a brain-dead woman like Laura Richardson:

Why, she doesn't even understand how anyone could think that Fidel Castro is a bad man, simply because he didn't appear mean when she visited with him for a few minutes yesterday! There you have it, folks! Laura Richardson looked into it, and there's NO STORY HERE.

Forget the millions of Cubans living here in the states because Castro committed murder, land seizures, and famine for the past 47 years. Richardson and the brilliant Congressional Black Caucus have pure hearts, and their trip to Cuba again was only to find new ground for repairing our relationship with the country that invited Russia to plant nuclear missiles 90 miles off of our border.

With friends like the CBC, who needs enemies?

And how about Barbara Lee and Bobby Rush. Now there's a fine pair! Lee was the only holdout to authorize President Bush to use "whatever means necessary" to fight terrorism in the immediate aftermath of 911, and even though President Bush's subsequent actions have kept YOU AND ME safe for almost 8 years since, Barabara Lee is convinced that it could have all been avoided with the same results.

Lee is the kind of colossal idiot who actually believes her own bullshit. You can see it in her face.

Here's a recent smug quote from her big mouth: ”I never voted for funding of the occupation of Iraq. I do not support the funding now." (source)

And how about Bobby Rush? Here's a doddering old mushmouth who is still trying to recapture his glory days from his time with those communist gorillas known as The Black Panthers. Remember them? They were so sure of their mission and righteousness. Whatever happened to them? I guess the promises of bitches, ho's and crack were too much for these high-minded sultans of Swaziland to resist.

Listen to the brilliance tumbling out of these animals' mouths:

And don't think for a second that these politicians don't have smart people around them who actually know of Fidel's horrific record. Some of you may not know of it, because you were educated by uneducated teachers in our public school system.

And since the younger generations can't read an entire book these days, due to an ever-decreasing attention span, here's a little primer on Fidel and his wonderful revolution set to a song by the Police:

Just one of the MANY political prisoners of conscience under the murderous dictator Castro:

For all of the know-nothings in our country who called President Bush a monster for water-boarding Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, listen to what real torture is like:

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